Current Graduate Students in the Lab.

Emma Collosi with a curlew

Emma Collosi

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Meaghan Clark

Meaghan Clark

RECENT GRAD Students in the Lab

Leah Jacobs

Leah Jacobs (graduated May 2016) – Leah is teaching Anatomy and Biology at Moorpark College and has job working in the herpetology house at the LA Zoo!

Current Undergraduate Students in the Lab

Stevie Morley

Stevie Morely


Cynthia Nava

AWESOME, BUT Departed Undergraduate Students in the Lab

Michael Mousselli (medical school)

Roman Nava (graduate school, San Diego State Univ.)

Nicole Looper (graduate school; Clinical Laboratory Technician)

Danny Haro (graduate school; Cal Poly SLO)

Carlos Vargas (Build PODER student in Espinoza lab)

Liz Avila

Roman Nava-Landeros

Danny Haro

Michael Mousselli

Nicole Looper

Liz Avila