The Robertson lab studies the microevolutionary processes that mediate population and lineage diversification, mostly in amphibians and reptiles. Specific areas of interests include: natural selection,  behavior and sexual selection, spatial patterns of diversity, the evolution and functional significance of color pattern, population genomics and phylogeography, the California Channel Islands, speciation, and biogeography of Central America.

Jeanne Robertson (Moscow, Idaho)

The Robertson Lab collaborates broadly with other research labs at CSUN, including the labs of  Bobby Espinoza (kinship analyses, population genetics, phylogeography of two species of lizard), Rachel Mackelprang (hybridization in red-eyed treefrogs), Fritz Hertel (evolution of behavior of storm-petrels), Larry Allen (population genetics and phylogeography of fishes and sharks), Steve Dudgeon (statistical analyses, population genetics of algae) and Tim Karels (species identification of bobcats using molecular markers).

The Population Genetics Core facility in the Department of Biology has recently expanded to include an Illumina MiSeq to support and facilitate the research of Faculty and MS students at CSUN.

NEWS in the LAB

Welcome New Grads! Kim Berrier and Sarah Wenner joined the lab in Fall 2017.


Education and Academic History

  • University of California, Davis (B.S.)
  • Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (M.S.). Advisor: Karen R. Lips
  • Cornell University (Ph.D.). Advisor: Kelly R. Zamudio
  • University of Idaho (Postdoc). Advisor: Erica Bree Rosenblum
  • Colorado State University (Postdoc). Advisor: W. Chris Funk